4 signs you need a new boiler

1. Radiators take to long to heat up.

Are your radiators take longer than normal to heat up? This could mean that your boiler is starting to wear out and that vital components like the pump are starting to struggle or it could mean that your system is filled with sludge and debris which in itself will cause the boiler to fail at some point.

2. Your gas bills are getting more costly.

If your bills are getting more costly, it could be down to an inefficient boiler. As a heating system gets older, it can start to lose its efficiency and start to become more expensive to run.

Check your boiler’s efficiency by looking at the rating on its ErP energy label; these labels have a seven-point colour scale, starting from dark green (A-rated) down to red (G-rated), with the most efficient boilers being green.

An A-rated boiler is the most efficient, at 90%, while a G rating means less than 70% efficiency.

3. Your boiler has leaks.

Has your boiler got pools of water forming around or underneath the boiler? A leak can lead to wider problems, such as rust and corrosion, as well as structural damage to your home. It will also mean that your heating will be inefficient.

4. Your boiler making strange noises.

Your boiler will sometimes make a slight whooshing noise when firing up and then continue with a faint humming noise if any.

But banging, clunking and whirring are the sounds to cause concern. These could signal a number of issues, from a faulty valve, pump or blocked heat exchanger to name a few.

Always switch the boiler off first – turning it off could help to stop any further damage – and call out a Gas Safe Engineer. The fault may be could be minor and easily fixed but it’s important to make sure the appliance is safe as well.