Boiler broke down?

If you’ve been on the look out for a new boiler, one boiler brand we recommend is ATAG Heating.

ATAG have been designing and producing boilers for around 70 years. Nowadays, they’re using stainless steel and brass for most components, which tends to make for a much more reliable appliance.

Alongside that, the boilers they produce are some of the most energy efficient in Europe. And, that means not only low heating bills, but low emissions too.

Which ATAG Boiler Do You Need?

Most manufacturers will have their range split into three sections; combi, system and regular.

Combi Boiler
This is the most popular type of boiler for small-medium sized properties. This is what you have, if you don’t have a cold feed in the loft, or a cylinder – it doesn’t need either, as it heats hot water on demand.

  • Compact sizes make combi boilers perfect for smaller properties
  • Ideal where there is little or no loft space
  • No need for a hot water cylinder allows increased living space
  • No cold water storage tank frees up a loft for conversion
  • No risk of loft pipework freezing
  • Less pipework in the home makes installation typically cheaper

The most common sizes of combi boilers are:-

27kw, 35kw and 39kw

The 27kw is more suited towards small-medium sized properties, where as the 35kw is solely designed for medium sized properties. And finally, the 39kw is going to be suited towards large properties.

System Boiler
System boilers are installed in older properties, or, those with a higher hot water demand (multiple showers working at once). If you have a cylinder, chances you have a system boiler.

  • Ideal for homes with more than one bathroom
  • Constant supply of hot water to any number of taps at the same time
  • No need for a loft tank, freeing up space and eliminating worries about leaks or frost damage
  • Economical to run
  • Built-in components makes installation quicker and neater

Regular Boiler
A regular boiler is like a system boiler, but you’ll have a cold feed/storage tank, which is usually located in a loft space.

  • Perfect for homes where a lot of hot water is used at the same time
  • Ideal where there are two or more bathrooms
  • A good option in areas where water pressure is low
  • Compatible with solar water heating systems for a lower carbon footprint and lower energy costs

ATAG Selected Partner

APG Boilers on Finance are an ATAG selected partner and an advise on the most energy efficient boiler solution that suits your requirements.