How replacing your boiler can have you save money!

Boiler playing up?! you may think that repairing it is the only option, however it can surprising seeing how much you can save by buying a replacement boiler!

Replacing your old inefficient boiler with a brand new energy efficient boiler is the number 1 way to save on them gas bills!

The technology in new boilers is more reliable and less likely to be break down, helps provide more heat and is more efficient at daily running, which will reduce your monthly energy bills.

Replacing with a new boiler containing modern condensing technology is also another way you can save on your bills! The condensing technology in newer boilers are able to reuse gases older boilers would see as a waste product, allowing you to use up this wasted energy.

Then there is the fact that new boilers will come with a warranty (which can be upto 10 years, depending on the model), means your boiler will be covered for years to come.

If your having boiler issues and are fed up with repair costs adding up, then give us a call onĀ 01772 697166.

It will cost a lot less than you expect to replace your old boiler!