Second Hand Boilers: Not Worth The Hassle

Broken boilers are a nightmare, with winter approaching people are turning their boilers back on, with older boilers this is the time when they might start playing up.

Once minute everything is perfect, and the next you suddenly have no hot water of heating, most people don’t think about their boiler until there is a problem, then all of a suddenly its panic mode.

If the worst happens and your boiler packs in, you have the following choices

  • Repair – you can try and get your boiler repaired, depending on the age of the boiler it could be out of warranty, or the parts might be expensive to replace. There could be a high repair bill consisting of diagnosis, new parts and labour, in some cases this is a temporary solution until a different part breaks.
  • Second hand boilers – with the rise in “buy and sell” groups on social media, people are selling their old boilers, claiming it is working fine for a low cost. This might seem tempting, but consider why they are selling it in the first place, boilers are not things that many people replace when there fully working, its when problems start, they might have been having problems with the boiler, got some parts replaced and knew it’s only a matter of time before an even bigger repair bill was coming, so they get a new boiler and then try and sell their old one to re-coup some money to offset there brand new boiler.
  • New boiler – if you have some savings you can dip into these and buy a new energy efficient boiler outright, knowing that it comes with a warranty of up to 10 years and professional fitted. We offer a wide range of energy efficient boilers including Worcester boilers, contact us to see how we can help.
  • New boiler on finance – we understand that when your boiler breaks its unexpected and offer a wide range of finance options from 0% APR with payment plans ranging from 1-10 years. You can get a quote online by clicking here or if you prefer you can call us onĀ 01772 697166